Re: Outlook conflicts with WinFax Pro v 10

My problems has been solved. My previous version was WinFax Pro v. 10.0 now
I installed v.10.03 and updated to v.10.04 first I got some minor problems
such as "error message" when I close the Outlook 2003. I followed some
instructions from the Symantec (Windows, Control Panel, Mail, Data Files,
and then revove WinFax Log), then the WinFax Log Folder has gone from the
Outlook 2003 and problem has been solved.

"Nee" <plznomail@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Thank you for all of your replies. I'll contact the Symantec and I will
disable the office integration in WinFax too.



"Vanguard" <> wrote in message
"Nee" <plznomail@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I have problems with Outlook 2003 and WinFax Pro v 10. Whenever I click
on the "Outlook, WinFax Fax Logs" folder the Outlook 2003 no response
only the solution I have right now is uninstalled the WinFax. I did
customized installation many times such as installed without E-mail
feature but always I got the "WinFax Fax Logs" folder in "Outlook 2003"
so I have the same problems again and again. So I am looking for your
help to fix this problem.

Disable the Office integration in WinFax's configuration. It doesn't
work well if at all. You mention having version 10 of WinFax but there
are minor versions (which you didn't mention). As I recall, 10.01 did
not properly support Office (Outlook) integration and caused errors, and
I have to upgrade to 10.02. The minor version is not shown on the retail
packaging (all you see is version 10). The Help -> About menu doesn't
even show the hundredth digit. As I recall, I had to call Symantec which
probably told me to look at the properties for a file to see the Version
listed under the Version tab panel for properties.

It is supposedly a very minor change since only the hundredth digit
changes in the version number yet Symantec wanted me to buy a whole new
upgrade although I just purchased the version 10 retail (which was 10.01
instead of 10.02). Instead, at that time, I went back to the non-Pro
WinFax that I could install separately from Norton SystemWorks (I didn't
install anything of SystemWorks except just WinFax Basic). I reverted to
the Basic version because Symantec has a 30-day satisfaction guarantee
where they refunded my retail cost for the Pro version. I was pissed at
the time, had the Basic version that worked, and chose to get the refund.
It was ridiculous and greedy that Symantec wouldn't make available a free
update or patch for a *hundredth digit* version change (from 10.01 to
10.02). You charge for major version changes, not minor version changes.

That was under Windows 2000. Now under Windows XP, I have WinFax Pro
installed (got it real cheap, probably at where you
can get 10.03 for $19), and mine looks to be version 10.00, but I already
knew to disable the Office integration. In WinFax Pro under Tools ->
Options menu, Email and Outlook Integration, disable it. You may have to
stop and restart the WinFax service or just reboot to make sure it obeys
the new configuration.

When you uninstalled WinFax Pro, did the WinFax Logs item still appear in
Outlook's folder list? If so, the uninstall did not update Outlook
settings, probably in the registry, to remove that item. That means
Outlook has a pointer to an object that is no longer defined. I don't
have the integration enabled and do not have the WinFax Logs item in the
folder list so I don't know what registry key might define the object
within Outlook (and I won't be enabling the integration only to get
screwed over by Symantec's acquired Delrina product that Symantec

Personally I would just stick with the Fax Service already included in
Windows XP yet WinFax gives just enough additional management features to
still make it desirable plus it lets me select and edit pre-defined cover
pages. It doesn't have the Outlook integration but then that isn't
anything that I miss because it is disabled in WinFax Pro, anyway. It
will use the Windows Address Book, the same one you see in Outlook
Express. You can export Outlook's contacts to a CSV file that you can
import into the Windows Address Book. Maybe, in Vista, Microsoft will
realize that there really should only be one address book shared by all

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