Re: Help-How do I import my Yahoo Folders to Gmail?

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Thanks for the help but I was asking about how I move my yahoo folders
over to my gmail account.  I didn't ask about Outlook ...

Well, let's review. You are asking about how to move items between folders. Where are those folders you never mention so it could be folders shown in the message store for Outlook or folders defined in the webmail service at Yahoo and Gmail. Since you are in an Outlook newsgroup, and without anymore details than provided, yes, you were asking how to use *Outlook* with Yahoo and Gmail. Gmail provides POP3 access but Yahoo does not unless you pay them for their premium service. That means you were using Outlook - because that is WHERE you are asking your question - and you were accessing Yahoo and Gmail using POP3 from Outlook - because, again, you were asking your question in an Outlook newsgroup. That would be the conclusion of the environment you were using since you provided no other details to come to a different conclusion.

... but you are very
informed and helpful.  I was concerned only about the webmail inferface
provided by Yahoo and Gmail.  If I had Outlook, yes, I could just drag
the items between folder but I don't have Outlook.  I need some help
with making the yahoo messages migrate to my gmail but I cannot find
that on the yahoo site.

With Gmail, you can access it using POP3. With Yahoo, you can access it using POP3 if you pay them, or you can use YahooPOPs which runs as a local proxy as a POP3-to-HTTP converter that lets your POP3 client (Outlook) connect to Yahoo's HTTP webmail service. However, POP3 clients *only* know about the mailbox (aka Inbox). They know nothing about "folders" or other special holding areas provided in webmail services. POP3 only lets the client send commands to the POP3 mail server to list, retrieve, and delete mails that are in the mailbox, not anywhere else. RFC 1939 that defines POP3 lists the commands that a POP3 client sends to the mail server, and none of them involve folders and they only target the mailbox (which users, and services, call the Inbox to mislead into thinking it is associated with the other webmail folders). Unless Gmail provides an import function, and unless Yahoo provides an export function, and the output from Yahoo is readable by Gmail, the only choice left is to forward mails in Yahoo's "folders" area to your Gmail account where you can move them to Gmail's "folders" area.

If I get you right this time, you want to move mails from Yahoo's server-side webmail folders (which are not the Inbox) to Gmail's server-side webmail folders (which are not the Inbox). Cannot be done with a POP3 e-mail client because those folders are unreachable by the POP3 e-mail client. That's why I suggested you connect to them using Outlook via POP3 and yank your mails (after moving them into the server-side Inbox using the webmail interface to Yahoo and Gmail) and put them where you want in folders within Outlook. After all, you are asking in an Outlook newsgroup so I figured Outlook was involved somewhere in your dilemma.

Webmail services are unique in their configuration and what software they use to implement their service. They are not compatible even if they used the same webmail software unless the services make them compatible. As yet, I've not heard of Yahoo or Gmail providing an export function (and one that provides a file format that both of them understand). Using the webmail interface, moving the items to the Inbox folder there, and forwarding them is your only option if you don't want to involve Outlook to manage your e-mails locally.


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