Re: Outlook 2003: import/export .IAF files

Nope, its an all or nothing via the Save My Settings wizard.

As far as I know, there isn't a way to use them. If I'm wrong, hopefully
another MVP will step in and correct me.

"Fustrated Microsoft User" <Bill.Gates@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Saving my Settings is one thing. Buth is it possible to save different
settings, and then reimport them selectively? I doubt it.

Anyway, it still leaves open the question of importing into Outlook 2003
existing e-mail accounts saved as .iaf files.

Using Import&Export Outlook function, only e-mai laccounts created in
Outlook Express and Eudora can be imported.

So I'm still looking for an intelligent way to efficiently manage multiple
e-mail accounts in Outlook 2003.

My fustration is building up......

Fustrated Bill

"neo [mvp outlook]" wrote:

With Office/Outlook 2003, you would use the Office 2003 Save My Settings
Wizard. The only thing this wizard doesn't do is backup your PST/PAB
You would still have to move these over manually.

"Fustrated Microsoft User" <Bill.Gates@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

In Outlook 2000 as in Outlook Express it is very easy to manage
e-mail accounts by exporting and then importing .iaf files.

In Outlook 2003 it is not possible anymore. The only thing one gets is
stupid wizard to create new e-mail accounts, implying that when moving
one office or country to another with different ISP all e-mail accounts
be recreated!

If I miss an obvious solution, I'm listening with great interest.

If I didn't, the question is what were they thinking when changing this
function or do Microsoft think that no Outlook users are nomadic? If
who's buying laptops??
Fustrated Bill