Re: ImportPRF

The issue may not be your PRF file but how you're deploying it. For a silent application, you need to use the ImportPRF registry key, as the white paper describes.

You also didn't show us whether you actually have any email accounts in your PRF.

Sue Mosher, Outlook MVP
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"John" <John@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:993072E3-6DBE-440D-A20D-E10BE007D7CA@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I am trying to deploy a custom PRF for Outlook 2003. The import works fine
but intitates the startup wizard as if I were a new user instead of modifying
the existing profile when I manually import the profile by double clicking on
it; or import it via a logon script.

I have read the Customizing a PRF whitepaper and lots of research but cannot
see what is wrong. Below is the first part of the prf file. Hopefully
someone could see what is wrong.


;Automatically generated PRF file from the Microsoft Office Customization
and Installation Wizard

; **************************************************************
; Section 1 - Profile Defaults
; **************************************************************


; **************************************************************
; Section 2 - Services in Profile
; **************************************************************

[Service List]
;ServiceX=Microsoft Outlook Client
ServiceEGS=Exchange Global Section
ServiceX=Microsoft Outlook Client

; Section 3 - List of internet accounts