Re: receive one email address on notebook

Cottonwoodian <Cottonwoodian@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I have Outlook 2003 on my new notbook and Outlook 2002 on my
desktop.  The desktop is wired to a wireless router and the notebook
has a wireless connection to my homenetwork.

I have one isp for internet and mailbox.  The isp is set up with two
addresses on the one account   My notebook is set up to receive all
of my messages and the setup shows the send/recieve working.  But I
do not receive any emails on the note book even if I close Outlook on
the desktop.

Have you selected the option to leave a copy of messages on the server? By default, downloading messages with the desktop will delete the messages and there will be nothing for the laptop to see.

I tried setting up a second account on the notebook Outlook 2003 and
the Microsoft Knowledge Base stated I should use the "Deligate" tab
in the pop up - there is no deligate tab anywhere.

Not with a POP account. You need Exchange for delegation.

I cannot even
transfer email .pst because both programs were bundled and transfer
only works with retail programs.

The PST doesn't know what type of license Outlook uses. It's just a file. See this for informaiton on how to transfer the PST:
Brian Tillman