Re: Attachments take a long time to load

"Carl R" <ritcey@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:B334BF53-6B23-4388-938F-DB215275B5EA@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Before I got my smart phone I had POP 3 and had no probs opening large vid
attachments. 2-7 MB (Very Fast) or large text attachments in Outlook. Once I
got the Smt. Ph I had to change to IMAP settings and have had numerous probs.
I don't understand why it takes so long to open an attachment or the screen
freezes in Outlook. Do I have a glitch, need to uninstall & reinstall, I
think the install disk has a repair option go that route? Or is it just
because this is a Gmail account which I have heard can give you fits. My ISP
server is Clearwire.

Why would getting a smart phone make you switch your Outlook account type?
Brian Tillman [MVP-Outlook]