Re: Backup Outlook 2000 to Outlook 2077

Copy the .PST and .PAB (optional) file(s) from you old computer to the new one. You should be able to open the .PST file via the File > Open > Outlook Data file option. (The file type contains your mail, contacts, calendar, ..etc)

Not knowing if you used a .PAB (Personal Address Book) type file under your old setup, you can add this legacy address book type to Outlook 2007 and use the .PAB file.

If you need some additional guidance, you can try looking thru to see if it helps you move data between the two computers.

"Francis Cunningham, Jr." <FrancisCunninghamJr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:2217A051-2F53-42AA-A500-261E7255FED7@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I recently purchased a new computer with Windows7. In the processed I got
Office 2007. How do I get the Outlook 2000 Info (Contacts, Calendar Mail
etc.) into Office 2007 after I install on the W7 computer?