Hidden Outlook reminders

My wife has Outlook 2003 under Windows XP. When she had Outlook 2000 (or 2002, I'm not sure), each reminder arrived in its own pop-up window, but in Outlook 2003, they appear only in the taskbar (and therefore tend not to get noticed) and several reminders are grouped together. I've read all the recent threads on this topic, and share the frustration of those who just cannot understand why MS would remove the option to have pop-up reminders.

In several threads, jmaxon wrote:
"This is annoying me as well. It appears to be an issue with Windows 7 (Win7), not Outlook. By default, Win7 combines the taskbar buttons. By doing so the Reminder gets embedded into the "grouping" behind the Outlook icon. This makes the reminder difficult to notice.

"If you change the "Taskbar buttons" setting under the "Taskbar and Start Menu Properties" to "Never combine," then the grouping separates and the reminder pops-up in front of whatever else you have open.

"I'm hoping that Microsoft comes up with a fix for this, as I'm sure more and more people are going to become annoyed."

Is there a similar solution in Outlook 2003/Win XP?

Lindsay Graham
Canberra, Australia

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