Re: Can I put text inside venn diagrams in powerpoint?

PPT 2003? You're using Insert | Diagram?

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"Joto" <Joto@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:F9BC8993-2B45-4E1C-8BC3-25F2FD29AD14@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I am trying to put a 2 circle venn diagram onto a powerpoint slide. I am
trying to put text inside the circles of the venn diagram but can't find out
how to do this. I can see how to put text outside the diagram. When I get
the 'format autoshape' box up the 'text box' tab is greyed out. I can't seem
to resize or move either the circles or the text boxes I am being shown
outside the circles. I have right clicked and unticked the use autoformat
option but that doesn't seem to change anything. Any help gratefully