Re: Adjusting DPI in PDF saved from PowerPoint

Will the pieces be printed at the same size as the slide setup?
Typically, that'd be 10 x 7.5 inches.

If you're printing it smaller, that'd effectively increase the DPI.

What's in the file? The only thing that the DPI value would apply to is images
and special effects like transparency, shadows, glows and such.

You might also ask them what linescreen they'll printing your work at.
There's a simple formula you can generally use to work out whether they're
pulling truth out of their heads or monkeys out of the other end.

LineScreen * 1.4 = DPI required

So unless they're printing at say 215 lpi (linescreen), I'd say it's flying
monkeys. <g>

For a 133 linescreen (more common), you only need 185 dpi or so.

In article <B9491504-8819-42D8-AB5F-A8267C05AE5E@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Robert McN
It is PowerPoint 2007 v. 12.0.6017.5000

I'm simply using the "Save as PDF" that is contained as an option in


"Troy @ TLC" wrote:

1. What version of PowerPoint
2. How are you creating the PDF (using Office 2007 save as PDF, using
acrobat distiller, etc.).

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"Robert McN" <RobertMcN@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I am sending out a flyer to a professional online printer. The document
created in PowerPoint and then saved as a PDF. The online printer told me
that the file was 261 DPI and that I should save it as 300 DPI. How can I
this, if at all?

Thanks very much,

Steve Rindsberg, PPT MVP