Re: Permissions icon

That's my point - there is NO Permissions icon on my Standard toolbar. I know
what it looks like, but it simply isn't there. I'm trying to find out how it
can be missing (i.e. is it not available in the Student/Teacher version?), or
if I can retrieve it.

In the meantime, I do understand how to password protect, and maybe that's
my only option with this version.

Do you know if this version simply does not have the Permissions feature?

"Glen Millar" wrote:

Hi Val,

The permissions button is on the Standard toolbar in PowerPoint 2003. It
looks like a blank document with a small red circle and the bottom right
hand corner and a white rectangle on it. If you click the button you can
then sign up for a free trial service. However, it also needs to be
installed on the recipient machine when you send a presentation to them.

If you would like to protect your document, on a password protect it? Go to
the tools menu, options, security , and use the password to modify option.


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"val" <val@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I have MS Office 2003, Student/Teacher Ed. I work from a home office and am
not networked on the server of my employer's office (although I could
that if necessary). I'm simply trying to find out if I can enable the
Permissions feature so that I can have some of my co-workers review my
slideshows without having full access to make changes. Maybe this feature
only available in the Pro version??

"Steve Rindsberg" wrote:

In article <E8031574-9EA6-4AD4-8715-954F4A858E81@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Val
I have PowerPoint 2003. I am unable to locate the Information Rights
Manager. When I go to the File menu, there is no "Permissions"

I'm pretty sure you need specific versions of Office plus an information
server on your network. Check with your IT people. If you don't have IT
people, you probably don't have an information rights server or a version
Office that supports it, so the feature won't be available.

What exactly are you trying to accomplish? Maybe there's another

Steve Rindsberg, PPT MVP