Re: Losing tab settings in saved compatibility mode

In article <3B3CBD55-3A86-4100-8905-C5BCF1DE4833@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Jaberwocky
This week I have been adapting to Office 2007. I am having a problem with my
tab settings in PowerPoint. Due to my customer's computer situation, I have
to save in "Compatibility Mode". (He has been unable to successfully install
the "fix".) The problem is that tab settings are not being saved.

Do you mean that NO tab settings are being saved, or that per-paragraph tab
settings are going walkabout?

The latter wouldn't surprise me; 2007 introduced per-paragraph tabs. Before
that, you could have one set of tabs per text box; this set of tabs applied to
all the text in the box.

I just ran a couple quick tests; what seems to be happening is that when PPT
2007 saves in the older format, all of the text in a text box reverts to the tab
settings of the first paragraph in the text box.

Verify that this is what's happening at your end too, but if nothing else, it
gievs you a way to predict what'll happen.

Steve Rindsberg, PPT MVP