Re: Powerpoint 2007, RSS feeds?

In article <5C5BB1C8-FC18-4A88-A7E4-C8C6AFA53B55@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Irishtechguy
I was just wondering would it be possible to add a script to Microsoft
Powerpoint 2007 to allow it to read and update RSS feeds during a slide

I have a PP presentation at the front of my company reception with the
latest news results etc. I just thought it would be great if this could be
added to the file! I think there would be great demand for such a powerpoint
add in!!!

Shyam's Live Web add-in lets you put pretty much anything you can show in a
browser on a ppt slide. Visit

Some browsers can display rss feeds (not sure what url to feed 'em to make it
work. Perhaps just a normal html link to the rss feed xml file?

Steve Rindsberg, PPT MVP