Re: Is it possible to insert a nonbreaking HYPHEN in Powerpoint?

In article <1AF3E65B-B5D5-4559-B919-479A7FFFBAE2@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Malcolm wrote:
Alt+0160 is just the answer I was looking for. How frustrating that this
"secret code" does not appear to be mentioned anywhere in PowerPoint help!

Now the follow up: I need the code for a nonbreaking HYPHEN as well. This is
because my non-breaking space is going between a quotation and a hyphen, and
again between the hyphen and the name of the person being quoted, thus:

"I thought the soda was too fizzy." - John, 25 year old male

I have to prevent the line from breaking between the end of the quote and
the beginning of the attribution. So not only do I need two non-breaking
spaces, I need a non-breaking hyphen, too! Who can give me the secret code
for that?


And you can do Insert, Symbol in PPT or in Windows do Start, All Programs,
Accessories, System Tools, Character Map.

Either one gets you variations on a little applet that shows you all the
available characters in your chosen font and how to get them from the keyboard.

The one you're after is called a Soft Hyphen.

Re your later post, I don't think there's such a thing as a non-breaking Em or
En dash.

Thanks, Malcolm

Press Alt+0160 to insert a non-breaking space. (numeric keypad)
Does this help?

Steve Rindsberg, PPT MVP