RE: Is there a way to update both chart AND table automatically?

This worked perfectly.

Thank you!

"Gaetan" wrote:


The following VBA code will enable you to update all linked object within
your presentation. What you need to do is:

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' -= Code starts here =-
Sub Update()
Dim oSl As Slide
Dim oSh As Shape
For Each oSl In ActivePresentation.Slides
For Each oSh In oSl.Shapes
If oSh.Type = msoLinkedOLEObject Then
End If
End Sub
' -= Code ends here =-

Open your presentation. Start the editor by pressing Alt+F11. Paste the code
in a module.

Go back to your presentation and create an object on which you will click to
start the macro. Apply the macro to it by right-clicking on the object and
selecting Action Settings. Select Run Macro and apply the Update macro.

Start you show and click the shape to update all linked objects in your

Hope this helps.


"Cindy" wrote:

I am trying to build a presentation with linked Excel data that needs to be
automatically updated. Although, I have a feeling that what I am going to
write is going to be a skosh confusing.

In Excel, I have built a chart in Worksheet 2 with data derrived from
Worksheet 1.

I have inserted both objects (linked) into PowerPoint. The table (source
data) is linked from the Excel worksheet on slide 1 and the chart is linked
from the Excel Worksheet on slide 2.

I would like to, while presenting, run an action to edit and update a table
(with new data provided by my audience). When I save, close, and return to
the running presentation, I would like the table on slide 1 to be updated AND
also have the chart drawing off the data from that table (from slide 1) to be
automatically updated on slide 2. This way, when I advance my presentation to
slide 2, the audience will now see the information they provided me
represented as a chart.

Is this possible? So far I've only been able to get the table on slide 1 to
update, but the chart on slide 2 I have to manually update.