Re: Designate text box to be slide title

Thanks, David. I'll give it a try. I plan on adding to the code to do
some formatting so I've got a bit of work ahead. I can handle the
formatting which will involve finding a carriage return in the text,
formatting everything to the left one way, everything to the right
another way, adding tabs, resizing the box, etc. Your info helps me
with the title portion. (Now if I could only get the people that send
these individual slides to use the template!!

- John

David M. Marcovitz wrote:
I don't think you can designate a text box to be a placeholder. Instead,
I think you will have to re-apply the slide layout to the slide. This
will bring back the deleted placeholder. Then you can paste the text from
the fake title into the placeholder.

You could probably do these steps with VBA. Let's see...Something like

myLayout = ActiveWindow.Selection.SlideRange.Layout
ActiveWindow.Selection.SlideRange.Layout = myLayout

will reapply the current layout to the current slide.

Then you could add something like this to put the text from the selected
text box into shape 1, which should be the title area:

ActiveWindow.Selection.SlideRange.Shapes(1).TextFrame. _
TextRange.Text = _

Finally, you can delete the selected shape:


This works in principle, but it does not error checking, so there are
lots of conditions where it will crash and burn (such as trying to use
this with a blank slide type or without first selecting a shape.

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"John Michl" <waxwing1@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in news:1161966851.469188.23470

I have a series of slides where the original text placeholder was
deleted and a new text box added which "looks" like a title but doesn't
show up in the outline view as a title. Where can I indicate that this
particular text box should be the title for a slide.

PS - I eventually want to write a VBA macro so I can quickly select a
box and set this property. I just don't know what it is or where to do


- John