Re: How do you hide text in powerpoint?

In article <#m6yWu5FGHA.2676@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Bill Dilworth wrote:
> There are a thousand places to 'hide' text in PowerPoint, just not within a
> textbox on the slide.

True. But if Kim really needs to select and hide certain words within a text
box .... ;-)

> Create your textbox and move it off the slide area, it will show when seen
> on screen, but not in be seen during a slideshow or when printed.
> You can add text to a text box on screen and set it to trigger itself in an
> entrance animation, which will hide it during the show, but display it in
> print and edit modes.
> Add your text to the notes page, it will not print with the slide but will
> with the notes and can be seen in some views
> Add your text to a hyperlink and it will show when moused over during
> slideshow, but not print or be seen on the screen in edit view
> Add your text to an object tag and it will not show anywhere unless you go
> looking for it in code
> Add your text to a comment and the user can select if it should print
> In PowerPoint there are 4 views to consider (as opposed to 2 in Excel and
> Word): Edit (screen), Show, Notes, and print. So the question becomes, in
> what views do you not want it to be displayed, and in which do you want to
> see it?

Steve Rindsberg, PPT MVP