Re: print settings for a 24 inch slide with 11x8.5 paper

daveeddy wrote:
> Need to print large poster size slides but can only print a portion on
> regular size (11x8.5) paper--is there a setting to get the entire slide to
> print out on multiple sheets of paper.

AFAIK, there is no such setting in Powerpoint. It is intersting to note
that Excel has the ability to print a spreadsheet as multiple pages
when the result is too big.

Alternately, perhaps you could find other software to print the images
after you saved the slides as picture files.

This is an interesting challenge. My idea would be to break the image
into small sections that could be printed as normal slides.


Would you provide some information to help me frame (pun intended) a
solution for you?

1) If you printed out the slide as a large size, would the resulting
have acceptable resolution?
2) Can you use macros?
3) What version of powerpoint do you have, more recent is better?
4) What is the size of the desired poster L x W (inches) ? 24 by
5) What is your maximum usable printing size L x W (inches) ?
6) Many printers can/will not print to the edge of the page,
can you deal with that?
7) Is you poster a fixed picture, i.e. just one object, or is it
of multiple objects in PPT?
8) Is you presentation slide size already set to 24 by what, or is it
normal 10 x 7.5 ?
9) How fast do you need the solution?