RE: Can you edit the PowerPoint slides while viewing?

What version of PowerPoint do you use?

If you are using 2003, during presentation mode, you can RIGHT click on your
mouse and bring up a shortcut menu. From there you can select POINTER
OPTIONS and then PEN or Highlighter and DRAW/annoint over your slides using
the mouse. When you leave presentation mode, it will ask you if you want to
KEEP your drawings or discard them. IF you choose KEEP, it will add them to
your original slides.

>From the same shortcut menu, you can choose SCREEN. Then, choose SPEAKER
NOTES. This will bring up a little box (during your presentation) and if you
have speaker notes it will show them. You can also EDIT/ADD content during
the presentation to this box and it will record/save in the Speaker Notes box
for that slide. You can move the little box to the corner of your slide area
and type in audience comments. (That's how we do it)

"DeeDee" wrote:

> Pastor would like me to enter answers received to the PowerPoint presentation
> while viewing. Is that possible?