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"Asin" <Asin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> "Austin Myers" wrote:
> > I assume you have ripped the VOB files to your hard drive???
> Nope, straight from the DVD. Could that be causing conflicts?

Yup, it sure will. The thing is a commercial DVD has DRM (digital rights
management) included in each of the VOB files. (Usually Macrovision) along
with regional settings. Each time you fire a VOB the WMP looks for the
associated IFO file. While each VOB *usually* has it's own IFO file, they
almost always refer back to the first IFO file for DRM settings. That IFO
file says oh no you don't, you have to view the spash screen the FBI waring,
and anything else that the content provider decided you should see.

If you have a standard DVD player in your living room you'll see the same
behaviour. You can't jump to Chapters and Titles until you see the required
viewing. So to answer your question, WMP is written to respect the content
providers requirements and it will always "rewind" back to the begining.

> > Again, right click the WMP and select properties. And the very top of
> > properties window you will see "Custom". Select it and you get a button
> > the right side, click it and you get a Window that allows you to change
> > almost all the settings. There is an "Advanced" tab, select it and you
> > see "Current Position", here you can define where the video will start
> > playing from. There is also a setting for "Current Marker". If you
place a
> > marker in the video file (VOB) you can jump directly to that marker.
> Would this also work in the case of multiple files? The second "objects"
> that I'm talking about are .VOB files as opposed to positions in just one
> file. It sounds like this marker thing works for just one specific file.

Honestly, every DVD is different and it depends how the creator set it up.
There can be multiple IFO files, there may only be one, but no matter how
it's built WMP will simply follow along as instructed. You see, the first
IFO tells the DVD player (WMP or even your DVD player in the living room)
how to play the DVD, what language to use, wide screen, Dolby, etc., etc.
Part of that of course is the DRM requirements. It also builds the "Menu"
you see.

Some DVD's use the Chapter - Title schema while others reverse it and use
the Title -Chapter schema, and occasionally they also play some tricks with
changing the audio channel somewhere during playback. Why? Well ummm, to
keep people from doing exactlly what your trying to do. <g>

Austin Myers
MS PowerPoint MVP Team

Solutions to Multimedia in PowerPoint


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