Re: Pointing to an object in a picture

You hae several options. The simplest thing is to use the pen while you
are presenting. Simply right-click during your show and choose pointer
options. Pick one of the pen styles available and draw away.

You could also use animation. If you have PowerPoint 2002 or 2003, you
can draw circles around objects using the drawing tools and set the
animations to be triggered by a click on the object (if the "object" is
part of a larger picture, then you can draw a transparent shape over the
part of the picture and have your circle be triggered on that).

If you always want to emphasize the objects in the same order, then you
can simply draw the circles around objects and have those circles
animated to enter in order on mouse click. This can be done in any
version of PowerPoint.

Finally, if you are working with PPT 97 or 2000 and you don't want the
animations in order, you will have to resort to VBA. This solution works
just fine, but it is an order of magnitude harder to implement if you
have no experience with VBA. Let us know if this is the solution you
want, and we can point you to some resources to help you get started.


David M. Marcovitz
Microsoft PowerPoint MVP
Director of Graduate Programs in Educational Technology
Loyola College in Maryland
Author of _Powerful PowerPoint for Educators_

=?Utf-8?B?UiBSdXNo?= <R Rush@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in

> I have a few pictures in my presentation which I put up on the screen
> and ask the participants if they notice certain objects. I want to be
> able to circle them or point them out in some way. How can I do his?


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