Re: Office 2003 Critical Updates won't Install

.... run "repair" BUT from your original office software disk.

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I have 7 critical updates for various Office 2003 products that will not
install, either manually or via Automation Update.

There is no error code given, just the message "Updates were unable to be
sucessfully installed - The following updates were not installed:"
by a listing of the specific updates.

This occurs whether via auto update, by my initiating the updates, by
attempting to update upon shut down of Windows XP, or by downloading the
version from the Microsoft download site.

I thought that Knowledge Base article 875556 might be the answer, but none
of the suggested solutions there worked either.

I tried to use the Local Installation Source (LIS) tool, but it won't
operate is it thinks that updates are being installed. I think it sees
updates and wants those done first.

I know of no way to delete the pending updates so I can run the LIS.

My environment is Windows XP SP-2 with all updates (which automatically
installs just fine), and Office 2003 Student and Teacher edition with
SP installed.

In reference to article 875556, there is not a C:\MSOCache folder on my

Any help will be appreciated.

Marv B


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