Re: Where is proplus.msi for Office XP?

"Charlie" wrote:

Hi There Bob,
Thanks for your sharing your great knowledge, however, fear dominates my
uninstalling the complete Microsoft Office stuff and reinstalling from the
orginial XP Professional with Publisher 2002 CDs.
Sorry to be so cautious! If you were in person, maybe I'd let you do it
because you would know how to get things working again--should something go
terribly wrong. For example: Now I've gone to the web site given by Carey
Frisch --Microsoft MVP www.kellys-korner-xp-com/xp_tweaks.htm and clicked on
"office XP 1706 - ProPlus.MSI fix" as instructed. It didn't help me with
installation of SP3 as some were testifying it would.
Nothing seems to aid in the installation of XP SP3. And, should I
uninstall, then there may be no way of getting my Word, Excel, Publisher
working again. I'm limited in my working knowledge of computer repair.
At one time, I contacted a Technician who was guiding me over the phone
trying to solve a problem. Resulting in my having to take the computer to a
computer repair shop and reinstalled everything from a clean sweep-- loosing
everything that I previously had in the computer, including additional
software and their updating.

Please don't be too harsh with me for being overly cautions! Only if I
could be guaranteed success. . . . .

"Bob Buckland ?:-)" wrote:

Hi Charlie,

Updating with Office XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) or other service pack doesn't have the ability to add a program only to patch those
already installed. If you have an Office XP CD set that matches a name listed in Add/Remove Programs you may want to backup your
files then uninstall the '...with Front Page edition. Else, if you have two sets of Office XP(2002) editions installed things can
get a bit confused.

<<"Charlie" <dingbat3003@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:F1A9A737-031F-4A41-9886-084F0A4D314C@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Thanks for your speedy response Bob. I've discovered that I have "XP
Professional with Publisher 2002." I don't have FrontPage on CD. In
"add/remove programs" MicroSoft Office suite has different programs
there:"Word, Excel, Publisher 2002", and there is also one that says "Office
with FrontPage" which must have been put on my computer with the download of
"SP2 full file" because I don't know any other way it got on my computer.
Being a cautious person, I hesitate removing anything for fear that nothing
will work or reinstall correctly. Someone on one of these community rooms
said 'nothing would install without the "Proplus.msi"' including "Publisher".
It is enough to frighten anyone that wants their computer to work. With this
added information, what do you suggest?
"Bob Buckland ?:-)" wrote: >>
Let us know if this helped you,

Bob Buckland ?:-)
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Hi there again Bob,
Right now everything is working as is--whether I have two versions or not .I
don't know.
Anyway, just how is a backup done for complete programs on my computer in
order not to loose the updates that are already in plus the files that have
accumulated through my use of these programs and that are stored on my hard
P.S. my computer has two hard drives...I don't understand what that means. I
have one gig-bite in Ram and total 160 Gbites total with C drive and D drive
having almost equal portions. I've tried putting programs in D to fill it up,
but seems that most of the works drift over into C drive and starts to fill
up space there. This computer and all the programs cost me a "small mint" in
addition having to take to repair shop when following a phone techinican
trying to help me solve a problem. From now on, I'm just plain scared!!!