Re: where does initials and cc comparison?

Hi, Sarah,

This newsgroup is really related to solving problems with Microsoft Office
Update. However, I used to do it this way: two lines below the signature
block, put the writer and the typist initials. The writer is in upper case,
then a colon, then the typist initials in lower case. If I wrote the letter
for the signer, which happened sometimes, I'd just use my initials in upper
case and no typist initials.


cc: Bob Johnson
Mary Smith

Every business has different standards, and there are a variety of ways to
do this, but most US / English-speaking business folks would recognize this.

Susan Ramlet
MVP - Office

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"Sarah" <Sarah@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> I am typing a letter...for my boss...normally..I just put his initials and
> end...#1 there a space after his initials and
> the cc: go before the initials or after?