Re: Missing file ( required for Office 2003 SBE updates

From: Franksta (franksta_m[at]hotmail[dot]com)
Date: 03/16/04

Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2004 22:59:36 +1300

Not sure if this will help but it could, I posted it in reply to another
query placed in the office.setup newsgroup, you'd be surprised at what weird
file requests this has solved for me in the past.

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What you might want to try is the following:

Clean boot your windows operating system (third-party software can impact on
the installation of software such as AV (Anti-virus), background apps meant
to clean things up or make things run faster, they do this by altering the
normal way that Windows operates, which can impact on how software installs)

Windows 98 Clean boot troubleshooting;en-us;q192926

Windows Millennium Clean Boot

Windows XP Clean Boot;EN-US;310353

Next run through the installation again, see if that works. After the
installation has completed then go back to normal.

** NB ** Always good to clean boot a system when installing any software on
it because software that runs in the background may cause the installation
not to go correctly.

Here's a quick example, AV (as most people have AV ) is designed to limit
and / restrict viruses infecting your computer. What are viruses? They are
little bits of malicious code that get to your computer by one means or
another. When you install software, this is to the human eye, one big lot of
code getting installed but there are heaps of little bits of code that make
the whole. If for some reason AV thinks that this code is malicious, then it
may block or restrict it. If this happens you sometimes get funky stuff
happening like what you are experiencing.

I install all the software for my family and all the associated updates and
to date I haven't had an issue with this type of thing but then I make sure
I know what is running. It's like not changing the oil in your car while it
is running.

Some stuff that I do pre-installing software and associated updates:

1. Clean temp files
2. Empty recycle bin
3. Clean boot machine
4. Check TaskManager for processes (normally you can tell if something
looks dodgy)
5. Install software and / or updates.

Good luck,