Re: SKU001.CAB and ZF612702.CAB missing in office professional 2003

On Apr 9, 6:53 pm, Delta007bhd <Delta007...@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I have a laptop from work that has office pro 2003 on it. It worked
fine until I installed windows activesync for my mobile device. Since
I was having problems with the activesync cd version, I uninstalled it
but then when opening MS outlook 2003 I got the error message:
"Installation error: file not found. A required installation file
SKU001.CAB could not be found..." after which I hit cancel. I thought
uninstall of activesync deleted this file so I went to the
windowsmobile site to download the latest activesync program and
installed it, hoping that this would solve the problem. It did. No
more missing file message. Today I wanted to open an excel file and I
got the missing file message again (same SKU001.CAB file). Since I do
not own office 2003 (the laptop and all junk that's on it is from my
work, remember) I had to download a pirated office pro 2003 copy from
the internet to be able to put the cd in after which the SKU001.CAB
file seemed to install but now I get a ZF612702.CAB missing file
message which doesn't install from the office cd! Can one of you
geniuses here help me out please?


Found the solution somewhere else. Go to
and download the 110MB file at the bottom of the page that's called
Office2003SP2-KB887616-FullFile-ENU.exe. Insert the office pro 2003 cd
into the drive, double-click the installer you just downloaded, click
run and then cancel the setup! Now I can open all office applications
without a missing file message.

I don't have a clue why it seems solved now and I don't know what
caused this problem but I guess MS wants to keep us all busy working
on problems.