Re: Unable to install Office 2007 - InfoPath.en-us/ missing?

Neil Johnson;3848854 Wrote:
I have been struggling for the past couple of days trying to install
2007 Ultimate. I have various different copies of media, including
Retail and
downloaded versions from MSDN.

The install is on a clean Vista SP1 32 bit machine. It begins to
but approx 1/3 of the way through it says...

"Setup cannot find InfoPath.en-us\ Browse to a valid
source, and then click OK."

The weirdest thing is that the file exists and is in exactly the

Any suggestions??
Hi Neil had the same problem
have solved it now and 2007 offfice working fine.
firstly go to and download bit comet.
them go to this address
once there at the top of the page you will see download with bit
torrent right click then click download with bit comet.
you will see all the boxes with ticks in them go straight to the bottom
and uncheck all then search for your missing cab file download should
take about 10 normaiil down loads to your c drive in a file
called down loads.
when you found it open the file in there should be a winrar file right
click copy then go to your office file infopath.en-us paste the rar file
in there dont unpack it.... restart your office installer that should
work if not email me and i will send you more info
chris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ...hope this helps a lot of people
p.s after you office instale bars pass the point where you normally
fails you might get another error ( enterprise.ww/ ) just do
the above all again..... but first open bit comet you will see your
previous download right click delete follow this and you wont have no
problem do the above again..
good luck..

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