Re: Recover Office 07 Enterprise Key

This wasn't a trial key. It was a full legal version. I said trial, because
when I reinstalled office 07 after the restore, I'm now on a trial version.
Until I find the key in the registry.

"Peter Foldes" wrote:

Best that you try and find it
Sorry but you are certainly out of luck here. Trial keys especially for Office
Enterprise are not deposited into the registry as is other Retail versions of Office
where it can be found.


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"Chris" <Chris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I just recently had a registry issue that required me to run a restore to fix
it. Therefore, I lost my office 07 enterprise key. I can't seem to find the

I've reinstalled office 07 from the files that I recovered on the computer.
I also was able to recover my outlook user profile (600+ mb). However, I
still need to recover the product key for office, otherwise the trial will
kick me out shortly