Re: installing Office home/student edition 2007 on PC

This newsgroup is NOT Microsoft, they only provide the server that it is
located on. While some of the posters here may work for Microsoft, I can
guarantee that I don't. I also added in my own mind that you were trying to
install Office 2007 but after posting and re-reading your original post
realize that you didn't specify what version of Office you were trying to

When I click on the URL I posted (not sent by email) it comes right up to
the proper information.

That file will be located on your Office Basic 2003 install CD in the root
directory. You need the Office Basic CD to finish the install.

One other thing you need to give in a follow-up post is what version of
Office you are attempting to install (2003, 2007 etc. and Standard, Pro,
Home & Student, etc.) if it is different than what I put in the sentence

What is the update status of your operating system and which OS are you
using? Some Office software won't properly install on a system that hasn't
been properly updated.

"bdaul" <bdaul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Thanks LVTravel for your reply...

Well MicroCrap..I mean Microsoft...I held back my hostility for a day...a
new record.

FIRST I get a notification that LVTravel replied to my note and to jump to
the URL in the enclosed email I received. WELL...the link goes to a
BLANK window...nice going jerks.

SECOND WHY would you sell software that doesn't have all the necessary
to install it! I guess it is really shitware and not software. This is
unaceptable how difficult it is to install a product. Why not put on the

For those that install this software congratulations
for everyone else
Go to Hell.

So now I have to figure out what discs I "may" have that have this one
fricken file on it. MS...why not make the file available online! No, that
would make life to easy for the people that PAY YOUR SALARY.

"LVTravel" wrote:

While this information is for Office 03 it may help for '07

"bdaul" <bdaul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Get to a point where it says I am missing the file:


I am going to stay calm here...frustration with installing MS products
high with quirky little things like this. OK, where is the file?
do I
get the file? WHY is the file missing? Can I find it on my XP
disk? If not then what? Can I get it from some website?