Re: Office 2007 Final setup issue


I've remove office 2003, I do not see the upgrade button anymore (luckylly)
but now, it still doesn't want to install anyway.

Another interresting point : Office 2007 dowloads have been remove from MVLS
sites !!!!

So I think it was a bad release !

Stay tuned for the next few days ...

Keeping you posted !
Frederic Lhoest
IT Network & System Manager
Gateway Communications sa

"Beth Melton" wrote:

Are you able to run Add/Remove for Office 2003? I'm wondering if the
error is due to a setup issue for Office 2003 and the file it is
looking for is actually for Office 2003.

If that checks out then what happens if you select the Customize
option and specify the applications you want to remove?

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assistance by email can not be acknowledged.

Beth Melton
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"Frederic Lhoest" <FredericLhoest@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in
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Hi all,

Since last Friday (10th Nov), Office 2007 Pro Plus and Office
2007 final edition are available on the MVL download site.

So I downloaded both to see the difference.

I'm under trouble trying to install it.

I double click the setup.exe, I enter the keys I got from the same
portal and then I have the option of Upgrade and Customize the
setup. I
choose Upgrade, then the install process starts and after about 5-6
sec I got
a Browse for foler windows asking me to choose the folder containing
"Office.en-us\OfficeMUI.msi". I check the proposed folder but it
seems fine,
to be sure, I point to the folder where the file is and the I got

I tried many times, from DVD, from different folder location (even
short folder name) without any luck.

Is anyone able to help with this one ?

Frederic Lhoest
IT Network & System Manager
Gateway Communications sa