Re: Will my files be deleted if I remove Microsoft Office?

Further iteration on your Word Documents. Milly is correct, depending on
WHERE you stored your documents.

1. If you stored any documents in folders that are within any part of the
Office installation path AND the uninstall feature removes the entire
installation branch. These files may be deleted.

2. Any template configurations (.dot files, macros, ...) will be removed.

3. Any third-party 'enhancements' to Office will become either unuseable or
uninstalled (depending on installation folder). Hopefully, third-party
support has created their own unique folder that remains un-touched by
Office uninstall. However,
some third-party developers continue to install under C:\Program
Files\Common Files\Microsoft\.....

Just my two bits based on passed experience.

"Milly Staples [MVP - Outlook]"
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No, your data files are never touched during an uninstall of Office.
However, it never hurts to make backups, even if not uninstalling and

Milly Staples [MVP - Outlook]

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After furious head scratching, Spork Mistress asked:

| I was using Microsoft Office 2003 Basic Edition, but now wish to
| install the Sudent and Teacher Edition. To do so, I need to
| uninstall the original program, but I'm worried doing so could cause
| me to lose my existing word documents. Could anyone tell me if this
| is indeed the case, and if so, how I could prevent it?