Fix: Microsoft Excel cannot insert object

This is for the following messages:

"Cannot insert object" in Excel

{ac9f2f90-e877-11ce-9f68-00aa00574a4f} Class Not Registered.

fm20.dll was unable to register itself in the system registry

If you are getting all 3 of these then you've done some digging to find
this message. The c:\windows\system32\fm20.dll is the wrong version
and doesn't have licensing information for it to register. The simple
fix is to rename the fm20.dll to fm20.dll.old and then reinstall an
Office 2003 application. You probably had the beta version of the a
later Office version and uninstalled it.

If you are getting the first 2 errors, try Clicking, Start, Run...,
excel.exe /regserver. If the errors still persist then try the above.

fm20.dll is not a re-distributable; it must be installed with Office or
another licensed application.