Re: Any way to get classic menus in Office 2007? Ribbon sucks!

Yeah, like moving to a Mac or Linux does not involve a learning curve. HA!

Milly Staples [MVP - Outlook]

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After furious head scratching, dino3721 asked:

| The reason people hate mircosoft is an easy one. They move things
| around, you can do less with the new version as you could do with the
| old, and there are way more clicks with a mouse to do basic things.
| If Microsoft came out with new products but let us choose and theme we
| would be more accepting. In Vista you should be able to choose
| "Classic XP" theme. In Office 2007 you should be able to choose
| "Office 2003" theme.
| If people have to re-learn the OS or their software, they may as well
| go to a Mac or Open source. OpenOffice looks pretty good to me right
| now.
| Tasks in Office 2007 are taking me 10 time longer with less than
| perfect results. I hate it!!!!
| I went to an Office 2007 seminar and they call these menus
| improvements. More clicks to do the same thing- is called crap.