Re: Seeing All File Types when Saving

Somehow my original question got twisted.

I'm not talking about the "Save as type" drop down list....that works as it
always has.

What I'm talking about the "Save As" window. When I open the "Save As"
window I want to be able to see all of the files in that directory regardless
of their type. This used to be possible in prior versions.

Without that function you have to open another application (Windows
Explorer) and locate the directory of interest, or you have to use the "Open"
function and locate the directory to see what else is in there. If you have
a complicated file path it can be 10 clicks or more that was previously

Unfortunately, I'm finding that a lot in the new version. It's a big

"Beth Melton" wrote:

"jkiser" <jkiser@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Bob've got the correct understanding of my question.

Am I wrong in remembering that in prior versions users could view all of
file types in a directory when saving a file?

I hope someone from Microsoft weighs in on this. I still believe there
be a way to do that.

I'm not from Microsoft (which, btw, seldom will you see someone from
Microsoft here) but I can assure you that Word has never had All Files (*.*)
listed in the Save As Type drop down. There are various file types available
in the Save As Type drop down but not All Files (*.*). The reason for this
is Word needs to know what format to use when creating/saving the file, such
as Rich Text, Word Document, etc. The type of file you are saving is vital
information and it can't create/save a file without it.

I suspect you are thinking of File/Open. Now, what you can do is in the Save
As dialog box click the Up One Level button, right-click the folder in which
you want to view all files, and then click Explore to open the Windows
Explorer and view all files for the selected folder.
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