Re: Outlook 2007 Resizes My E-mail Text - How Do I Turn This Off??

Yep - that did it. How stupid...

"Milly Staples [MVP - Outlook]" wrote:

Change the zoom on those messages to 100%. It should stick for new

Milly Staples [MVP - Outlook]

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After furious head scratching, Ctwink asked:

| I have my Outlook 2007 Stationary set at Calibri 12 pt font for all
| types of e-mails (new, replies, forwards, reading, everything). When
| I open a sent e-mail or compose a new one, the font is just fine - 12
| pt, large and readible. However, whenever I reply or forward a
| message, Outlook resizes the e-mail to make the text smaller.
| Understand, Outlook isn't making the text 11 or 10 pt, it's resizing
| the entire message to make everything smaller. I know it's still 12
| pt because my e-mail system at work defaults to have replies be
| "plain text" (which I'd also like to fix...) so when I change the
| e-mail to Rich Text or HTML and check the font size it's still 12 pt.
| I know this seems minor, but it's driving me crazy. I set my e-mail
| at 12 pt so that I can read it. When it resizes to the equivalent of
| 10 pt, it makes it harder to post my response or re-read the previous
| e-mail.