Re: Bubble Charts in PowerPoint 2007

Ashley wrote:
Thank you very much for the tip! Unfortunately, when I go to change
the template, once the template it applied, all of the data
disappears from my chart area. Could there be any reason why this is
happening? ( it is the same data I used to create the chart in the
first place and it worked without problem)

I played around with the "bubbles" and I'm puzzled...

- First I made a new bubble chart. The data in Excel have the columns
X-Values, Y-Values and Size, the rows have no labels in front of the
- I saved this chart in Powerpoint as a template.
- Now I make a new slide with a new chart and choose "Insert Charts /
Templates / MyBubbles". Excel opens and has changed in a very strange way:
the columns are now Series 1, Series 2 and Series 3; the rows are Category 1
to Category 4. The template didn't store X-Values, Y-Values and Size.

On this basis there cannot be made a bubble chart! So my chart is empty as

What works for me is this way to apply my bubble-template:
- I make a new slide with a chart and do not choose my bubble-template in
the first place but the bubble-chart Powerpoint offers
- Afterwards I went to "Chart tools / Type / Change Chart Type" and applied
my bubble-template. Now it's ok.

Do you see the same odd behaviour?

Mit lieben Grüßen
Pia Bork
MVP Powerpoint