Re: How to print pics with date and time

You haven't mentioned what application you're using to print. For example I use
Canon ZoomBrowser EX 5.6 (which is not an Office application) to manage my
images. Its print routine allows selection of Date and Time
individual options.

Maybe yours does or does not, but no one can advise you unless they know what
you're using.

"Grace" <Grace@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hi all, hopefully you can help.

I have taken pics on my camera and now in 'my pictures', the date and time
is shown on the camera for these pics, but I want to print a couple off with
the date and time they were taken.
I have printed a couple off, but doesnt show the date and time, I have
looked all over and cant find anything that tells me how to do it.

I really need the time and date on at least a couple of these pics, any help
will be very much appreciated.