Re: Office 2007 Icons Gone?

Try running diagnostics/repair (Office button, [App-name] Options, Resources

In article <5BAEA905-8F88-4204-8B28-4DC65689B0AB@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Stuart Dole
Recently all the Office 2007 application and shortcut icons have reverted to
"generic", as well as document icons. Everything still seems to work OK.
What's up? I tried to change the icons in some of the shortcuts, but the
"change icon" button was dimmed and didn't work. In the "Program Files"
folder the actual applications still seem to have their icons, but nowhere
else in the system.

The only thing that might have changed is that I also recently upgraded my
hard drive (you would have too!), using Western Digital's application for
migrating to the new drive. Office (and Outlook!) run much faster, but
disguised as generic...

How to get the icons back?

Thanks & happy trails,

Steve Rindsberg, PPT MVP


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