Re: Downgrade rights for Microsoft Volume (Select) License

Hi William,

A license downgrade is using a prior version rather than a lower product in the same version series. You may want to call the folks
at MS through on acquiring/using licenses for Office Pro 2007 if you don't intend to install the
additional apps that make it Pro Plus.

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Thank you for your quick reply. In the document, it shows that "Downgrade
rights are granted with all applications software licenses acquired through
the Select License and Open License programs." but I am still not sure if I
could use the Office Professional 2007 with a Office Professional Plus 2007

An extract of the document shows ... "Downgrade rights in the Volume
Licensing programs provide customers with the right to downgrade to any prior
version of the same product. Therefore, Microsoft Office Professional
Enterprise 2003 can be downgraded to the Microsoft Office XP, Office XP 2000,
Office XP 97, Office XP 95, or Office XP 4.3 versions. You would not,
however, be able to downgrade to Microsoft Office Standard Edition 2003 as
that is a different product and not considered a previous version of
Microsoft Office Professional Enterprise Edition 2003."

Does the Office Professional 2007 considered as a different product to
Office Professional Plus 2007, and therefore, not be able to downgrade. Or
would the *Plus* version considered as a newer version so it can be

Many thanks for your time to clarifying this for me.

kind Regards,

William >>

Bob Buckland ?:-)
MS Office System Products MVP

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