RE: UAC Causing "has not been installed for the current user" Error

Have you tried running Office Diagnostics with UAC on?

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"Dr. Lloyd Makarowitz" <DrLloydMakarowitz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:0AC58F07-A24E-4A93-818D-B036428EEFDE@xxxxxxxxxxxxx:

I have the identical problem, and I did not change anything when it started
happening. One day, Office 2007 started properly, then next day, I had to
turn off UAC. I have searched for solutions on line, but no one has found
any cure.

"Chet" wrote:

> I have a new PC running Vista 64. Whenever I try to run any Office 2007
> program (like Outlook), I get the message "Microsoft Outlook has not been
> installed for the current user. Please run setup to install the application."
> It works okay when I turn UAC (User Account Control) off. I have tried
> removing the trial Office that came with the PC and Internet Security and
> reloaded Office several times, but it still happens. No other errors are
> noted on the PC.
> Does anybody know how to find out why Office 2007 chokes when UAC is on?
> The PC vendor's solution was to reload the system with the system restore
> disk. :-(