Re: new "Office Home and Student 2007" & XP = no spell checker in outl

Office 2007 breaks OE's spell check. Downloading a free spell check is the
simplest way around this.


TinySpell: (Checks the spelling as you type).

Or from:


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"pioneer (count the arrows in my back)" <pioneer (count the arrows in my back)> wrote in message news:1C0E5D8E-9AB0-4007-B993-17843A88CE68@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I am retired and went back to college. No bookstore available due to Katrina,
Classes in old hospital. Got new XP computer. Loaded paid-for Office 97 Pro.
This class needed Access. Access won't run in Office 97 pro.
Tried to fix it.
Now outlook express lost spell checker.
Bought Office home and Student 2007 to get spell checker back.
No "remove old office first" instructions.
3 tries, A week's food money gone, and no office toolbar, and no outlook
express email spell checker.
No support phone number - not even for one day
---> put "Help" in subject <---

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