Re: How do I clear the recently browsed list in Picture Manager?

You can Open the file with Notepad OR you can Delete it, end of issue. And what is it that happens that you ask "why in heaven does this happen any way?" ?!?!?!?

elmer wrote:
i tried doing this but the file cannot be opened... it doesnt recognize the file extension. HELP! why in heaven does this happen any way?

"Bob I" wrote:

Does it exist in Office 2007?

Glenn wrote:

........this worked for me as well. The obvious question is now "what are microsoft doing about it?" In Internet explorer at least there is an option to clear history.


"Bob I" wrote:

It appears to reside in a file named "OIScatalog.cag". I don't know if you can edit it but deleting it will make recent go away, and the file will be recreated when you open manager again. The path may vary but on mine it is found at

"C:\Documents and Settings\pwarirel\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\OIS"

Gadget wrote:

My kids went looking for a certain picture of the family dog and opened up a slew of directories that now appear in the Recently Browsed section of the Pictures Shortcut pane in Microsoft Office Picture Manager 2003. How do clear the list or at least pare it down to the directories I normally use?