Re: 1st suggesttion is have a bigger suggestion box~!!!

Boy, aren't we full of bitches today!

Word, XP or otherwise, does NOT come with Windows and never has. Some
computer manufacturers purchase the rights from Microsoft to install the
program/s onto their computers and then charge the purchaser whatever the
market will bear for the program. That is probably where you got your OEM
version of Word XP. It is an application program that needs to be
purchased. As for the purchase price of Office 2003 that the trial is for,
if you go to the purchase option, you will find out how much it costs.

Windows is Windows and there have been many updates to Windows XP since it
was first put out a number of years ago. If HP doesn't want to provide you
with the latest updated version, sorry but it isn't Microsoft's job to
ensure that a private company, HP, is providing all the updates that
Microsoft provides free of charge on every computer they sell.

Don't like it, send the computer back to where you bought it and ask for a

"aviks" <aviks@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I just bought a new computer; HP Pavilion z1547c with Windows XP. This
computer came with "Microsoft Office Editions 2003" 60 day trial. First,
please let me know who I can email with my complaints about the whole
of this trial, especially the way it confuses and forces customers to look
into an option when not expecting it or wanting to. 2nd, I cant believe
is not part of "Frequently Asked Questions". So please tell me what it
to convert from the trial to the full version when the trial is over? I
couldn't find this information anywhere! Needless to say I'm very
frustrated. 3rd, I cant figure out where the Microsoft XP word is and
how I
can view my existing word documents transferred from another computer
(Microsoft 2000) with out this stupid activate notice popping up every
Where is the word program that was supposed to come with the computer
XP. I don't think I want to start something that wont allow me to edit my
stuff after the promotion when I decide to not go ahead with it!! And,
for the sake of this stupid promotional setup may make up my mind not to
for it no mater how good it is! 4th issue, why doesn't a brand new, up to
date, computer bought in 2006 come with the most current Windows "2003"
years later??!! I expected a brand new computer would come with the most
current applications .. even if it would be 1 year behind I'd
but 3years, I don't understand. And, WHAT DISPLAY NAME? Am I not even in
the right place to complain? that's how confusing this whole system is

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