Re: I need the Service Mark symbol sm to add to office documents

James wrote to Jackie on Wed, 8 Mar 2006 11:21:18 -0500:

J>> Our company has an sm symbol , a Service Mark and I am
J>> unable to find it in Word, Insert Symbols or in the
J>> Character Map.

JS> I don't know what symbol you are referring to but have you
JS> tried the option Unicode hex in insert symbol? You might
JS> also want to have a look at the entries under Unicode in
JS> Wikipedia where there are things not shown by Insert
JS> Symbol. I think the Unicode Smiley that is produced by Word
JS> autocorrect is one of these. The symbols can be inserted
JS> with (four digit hex code)ALT-X

I took my own advice, looked at Wikipedia and was referrred to a very interesting page:

James Silverton.