Re: Missing Encarta Services in Research Pane

Netizend wrote:

In Office 2003 in the research pane the Encarta Dictionary and Encyclopedia are missing. I've scoured the internet and found others asking about this same problem but I never found an answer.

I am not a newbie so please don't ask me to check the "Research options...", the firewall settings or my internet connection. I've already checked the obvious. And yes, I have all the lastest patches.

I know Encarta services are an online resource so I'm guessing Office, for some reason, is not finding or not even looking for the service.

Is Encarta research services provided by Microsoft Office Online Services? I'm asking because the dictionary and encyclopedia are not listed there nor are there any separate Encarta services available.

Does anyone know if these elusive Encarta services have an URL address with which I could simply "add" to Office?