Re: Automatic Updates

If you click "Details..." for that update you can eventually get to
It explains that the date on a specific dll which both Access and Excel use
is what prompts the "false" update. The article says the workaround is to
not install the update if you don't have Access 2002/XP installed. (i.e.,
check "Don't show this again", I guess)

It doesn't say what happens if you accept the update, but I doubt it would
be anything terrible.

George Nicholson

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"einie" <dayt7676@xxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Hi Bob:
> Thanks for responding. I did not find Access Runtime or Access Snapshot
> Viewer in Add/Remove programs. In addition, I couldn't find either one in
> My Computer or in Search from the Start Menu. Any other ideas?
> Ron
> "Bob Buckland ?:-)" <75214.226(At Beautiful Downtown)> wrote
> in message news:e6yFEmL1FHA.3856@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> Hi Ron,
>> Do you have an Access Runtime on the PC perhaps or the Access Snapshot
>> Viewer (in Add/Remove Programs in the Windows Control Panel)?
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>> <<<"einie" <dayt7676@xxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>> news:11lchic7r9p3e68@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> I have Windows XP Home Edition with all the updates and Office XP-Student
>> and Teacher Edition with all the updates. This version of Office does not
>> include Access as I understand it but today the automatic update feature
>> wants to to download an update for Access 2002. Does anyone know what's
>> going on?
>> Ron >>
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