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"jcp370" <jcp370@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

> 1. I've moved my custom toolbar to the left side of my screen.
> However,
> it doesn't show on the Desktop unless I click on the taskbar at the
> bottom. And when it shows up and I try to click on it, it disappears
> again. I have "always on top" clicked and it shows fine in all my
> programs but not on my desktop. Is there something I can do to show
> it
> there?

How are you showing the Desktop? Are you using the "Show Desktop"
command in the Quick Launch bar? If that's the case then yes, your
Windows toolbar will disappear. The same behavior occurred with the
OSB too.

> (I don't know whether it makes a difference but my shortcuts
> show up C:\Documents and Settings\c5035847\Application
> Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch, not in some of the
> other
> places where I've read it should be).

Did you create a new toolbar or did you use the Quick Launch bar?

> 2. I like the new toolbar so much, it started to get a little
> crowded.
> According to the articles/posts I can add another toolbar but I
> can't
> seem to do this. First of all, when I click on Add new toolbar, the
> box
> opens up "Choose a folder" and "Make new Folder". This defaults to
> My
> Documents. What should I do here?

When you open the "New Toolbar" dialog it will default to My
Documents. To select another folder you'll need to navigate to the
folder you'd like to use for the Toolbar. To navigate, click the
Expand (+) button to the left of either My Documents or My Computer.
Also note you can drag any Folder to the edge of the Desktop to turn
it into a toolbar if that method is easier.

> And once I make it, should this new
> toolbar be a totally separate toolbar that I can also drag anywhere,
> for example on the opposite side of my 1st custom toolbar? Or is it
> something that has to be on my custom toolbar?

This toolbar is independent of the others so it can be placed anywhere
or on your original toolbar.

> One time I tried moving
> it and a little folder icon showed up on my custom toolbar that said
> "2nd toolbar (that's what I named it) however, I couldn't seem to
> use
> it.

It sounds like you added a shortcut to the 2nd toolbar on your
original toolbar instead of adding another toolbar on your screen.
You'll need to create the 2nd toolbar on your Desktop first, then drag
it to your original toolbar.

I'm not sure which instructions you followed, did you find them in
this article?

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Beth Melton
Microsoft Office MVP

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