Re: DoubleClick problems in Open/Save Dialogs

I should clarify. I can double-click using two presses of the left mouse
button. Double-click does not function when I use the Large Thumb Button on
my IntelliMouse Explorer which is programmed for Double-click.

"Bob I" wrote:

> Must be a local phenomena, double-click works fine here, for Navigation
> and file Save or open
> RMForlenza wrote:
> > Since installing Office 2003 Professional, the double-click does not function
> > in the open and save dialog windows.
> >
> > Previously in an open/save dialog, double-clicking would open directories
> > and would automatically open/save a file when double-clicking on the name.
> > Now I have to highlight it first, single click, and then double-click.
> >
> > Curiously, the double-click functions normally in everything else, all other
> > programs and windows explorer's dialogues.
> >
> > Has anyone experienced this? It almost seems to be a security feature to
> > prevent inadvertant activation of an item, but I can't find any information
> > on it.