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I just purchased a new laptop and ran WMP on it but the Musical Colors
visualization is missing. I did a Google on this and found Zachd's
to someone with the same problem. It said that Musical Colors is no longer
supported. I have had this viz on both my desktop and my previous laptop
but I don't understand how it can all of a sudden disappear. Does this
that if I reformat my desktop computer and reload the same software it's
always had that this viz will be gone? I went to the visualizations
for WMP in both computers but that folder is empty. I even tried a search
for Musical Colors on the desktop computer and came up empty even though
this viz is still working with WMP on that computer.

Is there any place where this viz can be downloaded and installed on my

Thank you, anyone, in advance.

The Avee8tr

Try at this URL. The write up on the page explains what all is in the pack.

U.S.N, Retired


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