RE: Unprotecting music

Well, first you have to see if anything like that exists. You can read more
about rootkits at

Deleting doesn't work with rootkits. That's their very nature. While Sony
did publish software that will, supposedly, remove their rootkit, the only
real safe way to remove one is to format your system drive and start with a
new load of Windows.

You did not, however, answer the most important question. What format are
you ripping your CDs to?


"Croc Hunter" wrote:

Thank you for responding to my query, Dale.

Okay, I think I understand your comments. There is possibly some software
which protected my music, unbeknown to me.

When I run rootkitRevealer and rootkits are revealed, do I simply delete? If
so, how?

"Dale" wrote:

The question is how are they getting protected if they were not originally.
If you are ripping your music in MP3 format there is no way for WMP to
protect them.

Sony, and perhaps other vendors, have created CDs that secretly install
software on your PC with their CDs intended to limit or prevent you from
copying their music beyond how or when they think you should copy them. If
you are ripping to MP3, then you almost certainly have some such software on
your PC.

If you are not ripping your CDs as MP3, you need to. Or as WAV files.

First, make sure you disable autoplay on your CD drives. You do not ever
want someone to be able to automatically install software on your PC by
simply inserting a CD into your drive - and that includes music CD
publishers. If that means you don't get to access premium content on your
CD, then so be it.

Next, I suggest running RootkitRevealer from I just hope that
RootkitRevealer will still report rootkits related to DRM after Microsfot
bought it.

"Croc Hunter" wrote:

I am a dissatisfied customer. Dissatisfied because I burned my own CD
collection for my own use. I have three devices. An iPod, HP Ipaq PDA and now
recently an AT&T Tilt. The latter two devices use Windows Media Player.

When I first recorded the music onto my laptop, the music played back. I
synched the library to my Ipaq. All selected music worked. Then as I
continued to synch my music, I began to lose playback ability on my devices.
I noticed the tracks which I could no longer playback on the devices had
become protected.

Same thing with the iPod. It started out being able to play the music, but
because somehow the songs became protected, it too is not able to playback
all the music on the device. In fact, I think these songs do not even sync to
my iPod any more.

I see instructions to reburn my CD’s. I have done this at least twice now. I
don’t have the hours to do this. I bought these CD’s. If I can play my CD’s
on multiple CD players, why should I be restricted as to what devices I can
play them back on?

I need help to unprotect my songs and, for the future, prevent them from
being inadvertently protected during my own, personal use.